Surf's Up in Ewa Beach

Jan 19, 2013 by John R. K. Clark

In my last blog post, I shared with you information about Ewa Beach's shoreline playgrounds, stretching from Keahi Point at the entrance to Pearl Harbor to the east end of White Plains Beach in Kalaeloa. Ewa Beach also boasts several surf spots that have gained popularity over the years, and each reflecting a unique local perspective. From east to west, these surfing areas include:

· Shark Country – Located off Pupu Place, this spot was named by the Ewa Beach Surf Club in the early 1960s because sharks, particularly hammerheads, were common.

· Hau Bush – At one time, there were groves of hau trees along the shore between Pupu Place and Oneula Beach Park, and these hau became the reference for this surf site.

· Chicken Creek – In the 1960s, a large chicken farm, located near the drainage ditch, or ”creek,” at the entrance to Oneula Beach Park, became the basis for naming this surf site.

· Sand Tracks – Off Oneula Beach Park, tire tracks in the sand were left by many fishermen and surfers driving to this surfing spot.

· John’s – This surf site is off the west end of Oneula Beach Park and was named for veteran surfer John Sadowski of Ewa Beach because he was reportedly the first to surf here. He and his three brothers, Lui, George “Bumbum,” and Stanley helped to start the Ewa Beach Surf Club.

· Coves – This site is off a small cove on the rocky shore and was named by two members of the Ewa Beach Surf Club.

· Tree Stumps – This site between Coves and White Plains was named after kiawe tree stumps in the onshore underbrush.

Happy Surfing!

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